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Interview with Ulrich Feeser (Managing Director)

The people, the atmosphere and working methods – here you can obtain a personal impression. In brief interviews colleagues report on their job in the company, on their professional development and on their motivation for making their professional contribution within the DAW corporate group. 

Managing Director, Ulrich Feeser, talks about corporate values and market potential, April 2015.

Question: What do you particularly like at Caparol Industrial Solutions?

Ulrich Feeser: I came from a medium-sized industrial group, a market-listed, American stock corporation. In terms of size the DAW SE Group plays in a comparable league – but since it is managed by the proprietor, it is a company having quite different values. And within this group Caparol Industrial Solutions is a small unit which is building up a successful industrial business based on good products and lots of personal commitment – I like that. As the Managing Director on one hand I have a responsible job dealing directly with the DAW corporate management. On the other hand I also have the opportunity of being able to realise my own ideas and issues in a prompt manner – and it is just that which is not always present in large corporate structures.

„Engagement, ein schlagkräftiges Team und gute Produkte – das ist unser Erfolgsrezept hier am Standort.“

Question: Mr. Feeser, you have been a director of Caparol Industrial Solutions since January 2015. How did you come to the company?

Ulrich Feeser: I came to the company as a lateral newcomer, but over many years I had already had a lot to do with the world of coatings and pigments. I used to be involved with colour preparations and surface coatings, that is coatings which melt onto the carrier material at temperatures above 700 degrees: I was employed in the glass and porcelain industry. The product world of inorganic pigments is therefore very familiar to me, as is the world of colour preparations overall. And my training and studies were exclusively commercial.

With such an interesting location like Nerchau I was soon tempted to becoming the Managing Director responsible for the sales unit and for expanding the business here – both nationally and internationally. In Germany we are already very successful. We have attractive products and supply attractive industries and in the future we want to become even more established on international markets. That's how I see my primary task at the moment and I find it fascinating.