Your specialist for colour preparations – for more than 180 years

The first activities with tinting raw materials took place as long ago as 1834 in Nerchau in Saxony. From this humble beginning a flourishing company developed quickly which soon took up its own production of colour formulations of all types and even expanded abroad in the late 19th century.

In the course of the following decades the product portfolio was always expanded further and, along with pigments and enamel paints, artists' and printing inks were soon included. As one of the leading paint manufacturers in Germany the company developed further until the mid-1920s. In the years following 1945 the site continued operation as a public enterprise. It became the nationally owned VEB Farbenfabrik Nerchau, which under the trade name LACUFA carried on as far as possible with the established product range.

A new era then began in the early 1990s as the Nerchau site continued operation under the umbrella of the Deutschen Amphibolinwerke – now DAW SE. Today, our factory in Nerchau is one of the production locations having the longest tradition for paints in Germany.

We look back on a long history and have increasing expertise and experience available from which you profit daily as our business partner. 

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