Caparol Industrial Solutions

Industrial colour concentrates – tailor-made with optimised processes

High-quality industrial colour concentrates in various consistencies for a wide range of applications – all synonymous with the name of Caparol Industrial Solutions. We combine pigment expertise and processing experience with high innovative capabilities, providing advice and support through to the optimum result.

Irrespective of whether it is liquid, paste or solid – we will develop the exact colour concentrates you need for the manufacture of your products. High quality, brilliant and reliably colour fast. Our wide-ranging expert knowledge and experience in tinting, pastes and masterbatches ensure that we can fulfil almost any colour requirement you may have. But we are still not content with that. In our laboratories we are pushing on with product development – for technical innovations and optimised standards. Of course, in doing this we always act in harmony with humankind and nature.

When you need to bring colour into your product – we are your partner of choice!