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Anything is possible


Well-founded and forward-looking

Our employees

Here, the chemistry is right

There is a wide variety of professional prospects for our employees. Irrespective of whether an apprenticeship or consolidating professional development is involved, our corporate group is continually growing and we would also like to fill responsible positions in future from our own ranks. This means there are fascinating development opportunities – here with us or also within the whole of DAW SE.

We are conscious of the fact that our corporate philosophy will only come alive through our reliable and motivated employees. After all it is they who provide the high quality of our products and ensure the performance capability of our customer services. With expertise and commitment, with a researcher's curiosity and team spirit. Consequently, we expect a lot from our employees. But we also put a lot of trust in them and encourage them to contribute with their own constructive ideas.

The matter-of-course appreciation and recognition of each individual employee are in line with the guiding culture of the DAW Group – and, of course, they also apply to Caparol Industrial Solutions. Our team at the Nerchau location forms a small closely knit unit, everyone knows and appreciates each other – from the cook in the canteen to the works manager, from production worker to the Managing Director.