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Dyeing pastes for duromers

Pastes containing binders for reactive coatings

The dyeing and additive pastes NEFA® POX, NEFA® PUR and NEFA® PUR A are – as complements to our tints – concentrates formulated for final colours. They are characterised by high colour intensity and reproducibility.

NEFA® PURpastes are colour concentrates based on castor oil for the dyeing of 2-component polyurethane coatings. Here, we are dealing with easily incorporated, adjusted final colours.

NEFA® PUR A pastes are specially matched for the dyeing of polyaspartic systems. Through the use of polyaspartic binders and the specific use of additives, they can be very well incorporated into various coating systems and are compatible with them.

NEFA® POX pastes are system-compatible colour concentrates based on A/F resin which are matched for tinting 2-component epoxy resin systems. The highly concentrated pastes are used for the formulation of final colours in filled and unfilled coating systems. High reproducibility of the colours is ensured.