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Liquid Masterbatches

Masterbatches for product innovations

NEFA® MB L additive masterbatches are aimed at processors who do not have any dosing equipment for liquids. Special carrier polymers allow us to bind your liquid plastic additives physically and transfer it into a dosable granulate form. This means that you can break completely new ground in formula design with your existing equipment.

NEFA® MB Ladditive masterbatches are customer-specific products tailored to meet your requirements. Concentrates in this product group allow liquid additives to be used in granulate form. NEFA® MB L additive masterbatches are based on microporous granulates which allow liquid loading of up to 70 percent by weight. There is a wide range of different carrier granulates, reflecting a broad spectrum of conventional polymer materials. A vast number of potential industrial applications can thus be opened up using NEFA® MB L additive masterbatches.