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Multifunctional masterbatches for plastics

Masterbatches reconceived

NEFA® MB masterbatches are multifunctional colour and additive concentrates based on TPSE. The patented carrier system and manufacturing method give these additives an outstanding properties profile.

Our masterbatches from the product group NEFA® MB combine high demands in coloration and additives with a very effective processing agent for plastics. This gives numerous advantages – in the working process just as on the finished component:


Reduction of process torques, consequently:

  • energy saving
  • increased throughput
  • wear protection with abrasive filling materials and high filling levels (e.g. WPCs, glass-fibre/glass-sphere reinforced polymers)
  • less load on the equipment, extended maintenance cycles, longer service life of the plant and screws

Injection moulding

Reduction of injection pressures, consequently:

  • improved mould-filling behaviour,
  • significant reduction in the melting temperature of the polymer causes noticeable cycle-time optimisation and energy-saving.
  • easier removal from the mould


  • improved surface quality with highly filled compounds
  • increased scratch and abrasion resistance of surfaces
  • hydrophobizing of surfaces
  • improvement in the impact/notched-bar impact resistance in many polymers.  

The universally applicable masterbatch carriers from the group of thermoplastic elastomers are high-molecular copolymers. Their segmented structure has good compatibility with many thermoplastic synthetic materials. The patented carrier system and manufacturing method of NEFA® MB facilitates a very high dispersion of active ingredient – therefore it is possible to dispense with cross-linking and dispersion additives. NEFA® MB colour and additive concentrates can be incorporated into almost all commercial polymer materials using conventional methods in polymer processing. No significant effect on the mechanical properties profile of polymer materials modified with NEFA® MB has been found.

NEFA® MB are customer-specifically and individually tailored to the relevant end-application. Have a word with us and discover a completely new class of product in the world of masterbatches.