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Additive masterbatches

Polymers cunningly modified

NEFA® MB A additive masterbatches are product-specific solutions for the tailored modification of polymers. Due to the very high concentration of active ingredients and the process-enhancing properties of the NEFA® MB carrier matrix, this product group offers you a high-performance tool for incorporating additives in your products.

NEFA® MB A additive masterbatches are granulates for the customer-specific modification of thermoplastic synthetic materials. Masterbatches in this product group are offered as pure processing aids and in combination with all commercially available additives for polymer materials. Due to the patented carrier material and manufacturing method, NEFA® MB A additive masterbatches have very high and finely dispersed proportions of active ingredient.

For you as a processor this means a higher efficiency for low dosages – and also therefore far-reaching effects on costs and material consumption.

As a pure processing aid, the NEFA® MB A additive masterbatch has especially proven itself:

  • in compounding highly filled systems (e.g. carbon-black, natural-fibre and mineral flame-retarding compounds)
  • in injection moulding with thin-walled components and long flow paths
  • as machine and abrasion protection


In combination with colorants and additives – such as UV stabilisers and flame-retarding, nucleation or antistatic agents – NEFA® MB A additive masterbatch offers you a complete, high-performance solution. Have a word with us and we will co-operate with you to produce an individualised and optimum solution tailored to your requirements.