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Projects and products developed for you

At Caparol Industrial Solutions we deal with a multifaceted, industrial environment. From our day-to-day work we would like to introduce you below to some core subjects which we think deserve special attention.

Find out more about:

  • Optimised dispersion of pigments in paste systems of various levels of viscosity (Dispersion technology)
  • New paste systems e.g. for the coloration of polyaspartic coatings (Polyaspartics)
  • Highly filled masterbatches e.g. for optimised WPC processing (WPC)
  • Patented carrier system and manufacturing method free of dispersion agents for colour/additive masterbatches (Masterbatch)

Dispersion technology

Reliably homogeneous distribution of pigments and additives in your colour concentrate


Maßgeschneiderten Farbkonzentraten in verschiedenen Präparationsformen

Zugeschnittene Masterbatch-Lösungen

NEFA® MB - Ihr technologischer Vorsprung

Aktuelle Fokusanwendungen

Innovative Beschichtungssysteme