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Tinting systems with binder

System-specific tints for precise colour formulations

The product groups NEFA® PUR, NEFA® PUR A and NEFA® POX are tints containing binders for the system-specific tinting of reactive coating materials. Developed for machine dosing and adapted to the relevant system, these tints containing binders supply the best possible results in the colour formulation of your coatings.

NEFA® PUR tints are low viscosity colour concentrates which have been developed for tinting 2-component polyurethane coating systems. Based on castor oil as the carrier material, the tinting system consists of 16 mono-pigmented colour concentrates.

NEFA® PUR A colour concentrates are specially matched for the tinting of polyaspartic systems. Through the use of special polyaspartic binders and the specific application of additives, all 15 mono-pigmented NEFA® PUR A tints can be easily incorporated into polyaspartic enamel systems and are very compatible with them. NEFA® PUR A colour concentrates have no influence on the working time.

NEFA® POX tints are system-compatible colour concentrates based on A/F resin which are matched for tinting 2-component epoxy resin systems. The NEFA® POX colour concentrates can be easily dosed by machine.

All tinting systems containing binders can also be matched to their individual specifications and requirements or specially manufactured to them with the regard to the binder, pigmentation, viscosity and additives. Have a word with us so that we can together work out the best solution for you.