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Current Focus Applications

Antistatic finishing of duromers and elastomers

Highly filled carbon black preparations

Floor coatings, high-voltage cables or the electronics industry – lots of polymer-based applications call for antistatic properties. With networking systems such as elastomers or duromers in particular, the use of conductivity fillers such as carbon blacks can often lead to an undesirable impact on the networking reaction and resultant properties.

At Caparol Industrial Solutions GmbH, we have accumulated considerable experience in the antistatic finishing of reactive networking polymer materials. Alongside an excellent knowledge of the procurement markets for electrically conductive raw materials, we provide all the production and measurement preconditions for the manufacture of conductive concentrates that are necessary for the ESD finishing of your duromers or elastomers – irrespective of the viscosity of the base materials, and all from one source!

Innovative coating systems

Special tinting pastes for polyaspartic systems

Polyaspartic coating systems have been available since the early 1990s. However, here we are dealing with an innovative binder for coating floors or for corrosion protection. Previously, despite the significant advantages of the system, the disadvantages in application prevailed, for example in the pot-life, but it has been possible to eliminate these through further development.

For the colouring of this pioneering system we offer the range of colour concentrates, NEFA® PUR A, which is specially matched to polyaspartic binders. It is also well compatible with the appropriate coating systems and is easy to incorporate. The NEFA® PUR A solvent-free range of colour concentrates comprises an assortment of mutually miscible standard tints based on organic and inorganic pigments.

New prospects for WPCs

NEFA® MB – colouring and functional features in one

A new material is becoming established not only on patios and balconies, but also increasingly on house facades: Wood plastic composites (WPCs) are fibre materials containing various proportions of polymers which, due to their positive material properties, are achieving ever more recognition. WPCs are attractive due to their longevity and advantageous physical properties which are superior to those of classic wooden boards.

With the additive-enhanced masterbatches NEFA® MB we offer an additive which has a very positive influence on the working properties of highly filled, polymer-bound fibre materials. NEFA® MB noticeably improves the slippage and flow properties of the composite melt – with simultaneous reduction of the working temperature. For materials with a very high fibre content this becomes apparent through a significant load relief and reduced wear on the extruder or on the injection moulding machine.

NEFA® MB is adjusted to the customer's individual requirements. Have a word with us. We would be pleased to advise you.