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Tinting systems – liquid and precise in colour

Optimally dosable with very intense colours

Our NEFA® Tinting Systems are low-viscosity pigment concentrates – optionally with a binder or binder-free. They have all been developed for applications in automatic dosing equipment.

The liquid industrial colour concentrates are used in the most varied types of coating systems and fulfil the highest demands.

Within a tinting system we offer twelve to twenty mono-pigmented, intermiscible, single colours, colouristically balanced over the colour circle. The optimum dispersion of the pigments here ensures a high colour yield and good reproducibility of the preparations.

With NEFA® Tinting Systems you benefit at all levels:

  • very good colouring capacity due to high dispersion and concentration of the pigments
  • highest light and weather fastness
  • very high tinting accuracy
  • good miscibility and compatibility of the concentrates within the individual NEFA® Tinting Systems
  • precise and reproducible, machine dosability


Apart from the standardised solutions we are pleased to adapt our formulations to your specific requirements to give optimum quality tailored to your process. By means of the NEFA® Tinting Systems almost all desired colours can be reliably obtained, for example according to RAL, NCS and Pantone or according to customer-specific special colours. The results are convincing due to the long-lasting high colour brilliance and stability. Quality to your advantage: The colour adjustment is very accurate and mixing can take place directly at the factory or also at the point of sale.