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Universal tinting systems for paints and enamels

Free of solvents and binders for sustainable tinting

The colour concentrates NEFA® TINT and NEFA® TINT W are binder-free and solvent-free tinting systems for colour concentrates in the field of paints and enamels. The large number of base tints within the systems guarantees you many possibilities in the formulation of your colours. Both liquid colour concentrates offer excellent compatibility in current paint and enamel systems and represent high-quality tinting.

NEFA® TINT designates universal colour concentrates for application in aqueous and non-aqueous coating systems. Their main fields of application include dispersion and dispersion-silicate paints, alkyd-resin enamels, linseed-oil alkyd-resin paints, solvent-based and solvent-free enamels as well as aqueous epoxy resin and aqueous PU systems. A special highlight here is also the possible use of NEFA® TINT colour concentrates in lime and lime-casein paints. NEFA® TINT colour concentrates are manufactured based on non-ionic surfactants as well as aqueous cross-linking and dispersion agents. The tinting system is composed of 22 mono-pigmented colour concentrates.

NEFA® TINT W are colour concentrates free of binder and solvent, and have been specially developed for the tinting of aqueous coatings, such as dispersion paints, transparent and filled aqueous epoxy resin and aqueous 2-component PU enamel systems. The colour concentrates are manufactured on the basis of cross-linking and dispersion agents. The base system of NEFA® TINT W consists of 15 mono-pigmented colour tints.

Naturally, our solvent-free and binder-free tints conform to the currently applicable regulations on environmental and consumer protection. This includes, for example, the VOC Directive on the limitation of solvent emissions from coatings. Also, our binder-free tinting systems do not contain any Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs). As APEO-free products they can, for example, be employed in the construction sector without reservation.