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Industrial dyeing pastes – colour and additive concentrates

Tailored solutions for your requirements

Our NEFA® industrial dyeing pastes are highly concentrated pigment and additive preparations – tailored individually and system-specifically for your product. Our many years of experience in the formulation of paste colour and additive concentrates, along with a broad spectrum of dispersion and mixing technologies for all viscosity ranges, make us your ideal expert partner.

The main fields of application for our industrial colour concentrate pastes are in the colouring, nuancing and additive incorporation of silicone rubber, acrylic and hybrid sealing systems.

With NEFA® industrial dyeing pastes you benefit at all levels:

  • colour intensity due to high dispersion and concentration of the pigments and active ingredients
  • highest light and weather fastness
  • precise and reproducible dyeing and additive incorporation
  • good miscibility and compatibility of the concentrates in your systems
  • adjustment of the paste viscosity according to the scope of your process


Our NEFA® industrial dyeing pastes are formulated individually and customer-specifically and are matched with regard to the binder, pigment selection, additives and viscosity of your system – consequently, they are optimally compatible and workable. We ensure consistently high quality through our modern production technologies and rigorous quality inspections.