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Multivalent colour masterbatches

Colour brilliance and function in one product

NEFA® MB F colour masterbatches combine the advantages of our functional masterbatch carriers with high colouristic demands. Irrespective of whether colour systems such as RAL, NCS and Pantone or customer-specific colour specifications are applied, NEFA® MB F is adjusted individually.

NEFA® MB F colour masterbatches are granulates for the coloration of thermoplastic synthetic materials. Modern colour measurement technology and many years of colouristic experience facilitate the development of individual or standardised colours according to customer-specific requirements. Our carrier system offers you exceptional advantages:

  • Covering colours even at a low dosage. Through the patented manufacturing method of NEFA® MB F the colorants are incorporated in a preliminary stage of the masterbatch carrier. Apart from high pigment filling levels of up to 80%, this facilitates a technologically optimised dispersion of the pigments in the masterbatch.

  • It is possible to dispense with dispersion agents and this means that filled materials largely retain their material performance – a special advantage when using highly filled compounds with natural, mineral and synthetic fillers.

  • Ideal for particularly demanding processes: here optimised process properties help you to reduce production costs. As an effective process measure, processing parameters such as the injection pressure in the injection mould or the processing torques in extrusion processes are significantly reduced – this alleviates wear on machines, screws, tools and on the finished components.


The NEFA® MB F colour masterbatches can be employed in all conventional semi-crystalline and many amorphous polymers.