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Dyeing and additive pastes for elastomers

High-quality concentrates for modifying silicone systems

NEFA® SIL pastes are dyeing and additive concentrates specially tailored to fulfil requirements in silicone systems. They are formulated specifically to the product and customer – depending on the cross-linking mechanism and viscosity.

NEFA® SIL RTV pastes are dyeing and additive concentrates for single and two-component silicone elastomers which cross-link at room temperature and are based on defined silicone oils. In order to ensure high consistency in the colour fidelity from batch to batch, we formulate and inspect all formulations in the relevant customer system. In this way we ensure a quality that is always constant over long time periods. NEFA® SIL RTV pastes can be processed well with all current process technologies.

NEFA® SIL HTV pastes are highly viscous dyeing and additive concentrates for the modification of HTV/HCR silicones. Due to optimised kneading technology they are characterised by high filling and colour intensity levels. NEFA® SIL HTV pastes are manufactured customer-specifically to your colour or formulation specification.