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NEFA® MB EL Highly Filled Carbon Black Masterbatches

Carbon black masterbatches to meet the highest standards

NEFA® MB EL concentrates are carbon black filled high-performance masterbatches which, because of their specific manufacturing process, can be supplied with up to 65 percent by weight carbon black loading. This means that it is possible to give your polymers and products an antistatic finish using relatively low additional doses.

NEFA® MB EL are TPE-based carbon black concentrates. The carrier system in these preparations allows that they can be used widely across the spectrum of polymer materials – almost all TPE materials, plus polyolefins and styrenic polymers can be modified with NEFA® MB EL. Despite very high carbon loading of up to 35% by weight in the area of conductive carbon blacks with very high surface areas and up to 65% by weight in the area of high-quality colouring and strengthening carbon blacks, NEFA® MB EL concentrates can be manufactured in a hardness range from Shore A 60 to Shore D 80. Depending on the material system, antistatic properties can be reached in the compound even from a dosage of 20%. With these properties, our NEFA® MB EL masterbatches will enable you to manufacture TPE and polymer compounds with an antistatic finish directly. Because of the special carrier system, our NEFA® MB EL masterbatches will not cause your material system to become brittle or stiff. Our accumulated expertise in this field means that a suitable concentrate can also be developed for your own application. We’re happy to support you with your product ideas!