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NEFA® MB H Colour Masterbatches for WPCs

Colouring and functional features in one

NEFA® MB H products are masterbatches developed and optimised for use in WPCs that are characterised by unusual colour strength and high resistance. NEFA® MB H masterbatches are product-specific solutions for the tailored modification of wood plastic composites. Thanks to the properties of the NEFA® MB carrier matrix which makes application easier, this product group provides effective function/colour batches for use with your WPCs which have been tailored to meet your requirements.

A new material is becoming established not only on patios and balconies, but also increasingly on house facades: Wood plastic composites (WPCs) are composite materials containing various proportions of wood, which, due to their positive material properties, are achieving ever more recognition. WPCs are attractive due to their longevity and advantageous physical properties which are superior to those of classic wooden boards.

With the additive-enhanced colour masterbatches NEFA® MB H we are offering an additive which has a very positive influence on the working properties of highly filled, polymer-bound fibre materials. NEFA® MB H noticeably improves the slippage and flow properties of the composite melt – with simultaneous reduction of the working temperature. For materials with a very high fibre content this becomes apparent through a significant thermal and mechanical load relief and reduced wear on the extruder or on the injection moulding machine. In WPC injection moulding, the use of NEFA® MB H also produces significantly better filling and demoulding behaviour.

Dispensing with all dispersion agents during the manufacture of NEFA® MB also has a direct, positive effect on the mechanical and physical parameters of your WPC formulation. The strength of the WPC in particular is positively influenced by NEFA® MB H masterbatches. However, the water absorption of the WPC can also be significantly reduced by the use of NEFA® MB H.

Because of the high pigment loading of NEFA® MB H and the high dispersion capacity of the pigments, these masterbatches have an extremely intense colour. This means that you can achieve brilliant colours in your WPC product. Because of the high pigment concentration in the masterbatch, it is also possible to improve the long-term colour stability in the day-to-day use of WPC products.

NEFA® MB H is adjusted to your own individual requirements. Have a word with us. We would be pleased to advise you.