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Interview with Constanze Müller (Application technology of colour concentrates)

The people, the atmosphere and working methods – here you can obtain a personal impression. In brief interviews colleagues report on their job in the company, on their professional development and on their motivation for making their professional contribution within the DAW corporate group. 

Constanze Müller is responsible for the application technology of colour concentrates and explains her tasks. April 2015.  

"Every day is a new challenge – it is simply never tedious."

Question: What is your task here in the company?

Constanze Müller: I am the technical contact for all paste and tint customers. This means that I support our customers in all technical matters and that I am also responsible for all sample requests, trial production runs, etc.

Question: The customer then contacts you even before the project begins?

Constanze Müller: Yes, when they want to realise new product ideas, when a sample is needed, for instance a new colour paste or tint – then they contact me.

Question: You follow the customer's project until it is brought to a conclusion in development?

Constanze Müller: Exactly, the customer directs his enquiry to me. I am as it were the interface between field sales and the laboratory. Together with the lab team I discuss the details of the project, that's the technical challenge in conjunction with the customer's requirements. We select the raw materials, a sample is produced and sent to the customer for testing. If it meets the customer's expectations then we receive their release and it goes into production. 

Question: Are you also the contact person for queries which arise in the scope of production?

Constanze Müller: Yes, for example, if the customer wants a test production run for defining the specifications or when scaling up to full production – I look after that part, too.

Question: Do you have an example of a major challenge? Something which you would say we have "mastered" here?

Constanze Müller: Yes, for example last year. A major customer outsourced their whole production to us; we took over all their products, including raw materials, standards and specifications. For this, we had to provide additional investment, develop new technologies and adapt the products to our production facilities – that was a great effort by the whole team and one of which we are very proud.

Question: What do you like best about your job?

Constanze Müller: That every day presents a new challenge. That there is a lot of customer contact and the horizon is always being extended so that, for example, we have to find new solutions. The job demands continuous on-going training, because there are many regulatory changes to keep track of and to implement. So it's just never tedious.

Question: What do you like about Caparol Industrial Solutions as an employer?

Constanze Müller: The working atmosphere. Put simply, there is a good feeling of togetherness and there is an appreciation of the concerns of others. Problems are discussed thoroughly and together we find a solution. That's really very nice.