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Interview with Enrico Melzer (Logistics Manager)

The people, the atmosphere and working methods – here you can obtain a personal impression. In brief interviews colleagues report on their job in the company, on their professional development and on their motivation for making their professional contribution within the DAW corporate group. 

Enrico Melzer explains his tasks – he is the Logistics Manager and is responsible for the warehouse and for all transportation. April 2015.

"My tasks are multifaceted – that makes this job so interesting."

Question: When did you start with the company? 

Enrico Melzer: I have been working in the company since 2000. The job gives me lots of pleasure as the range of tasks is so varied – and that every day. 

Question: What are your tasks here in the operation?

Enrico Melzer: I am responsible for the transport and warehouse organisation, that is the operative process in the daily routine. In addition, I keep in contact with the logistics partners.

Question: So you are responsible for everything that goes out and comes in?

Enrico Melzer: Yes, my job also includes the procurement logistics, but the major part is the shipping logistics. Depending on the goods to be delivered, a truck has to be equipped in line with regulations and specifications – and I control that.

Question: What are then the challenges you face in your job?

Enrico Melzer: In contrast to other locations of DAW SE, here there is so-called "live loading". This is rather unique. It means that we plan the loading while the goods are still being produced. Here we have to make quick decisions as logistics specialists – and that can be quite a challenge.

Question: And what do you particularly like about your job?

Enrico Melzer: I find the atmosphere amongst colleagues very good. It's fun – also the co-operation with colleagues at the other DAW locations. There is always a feeling of togetherness. The company also has a very caring attitude to its workers. I am happy that we can work here and develop professionally.

Also what is very interesting about my job is that I am responsible for the warehouse and also for dispatch – the range of tasks is therefore very varied. And our company has not only national, but also international customers. This means that the logistics bandwidth extends from overland shipment throughout Germany to world-wide sea and air transportation. Sometimes I am supported by experts, but I have been able to accrue a lot of specialist knowledge myself through training courses.