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Interview with Michael Krönig (Key Account Manager)

The people, the atmosphere and working methods – here you can obtain a personal impression. In brief interviews colleagues report on their job in the company, on their professional development and on their motivation for making their professional contribution within the DAW corporate group. 

Michael Krönig, Field Sales and Key Account Manager for colour pastes and masterbatches, speaks about his challenges and successes. April 2015. 

"The work can be really pioneering – that is what is so interesting about my job here in the company."

Question: How long have you been working in the company and what brought you to Caparol Industrial Solutions?

Michael Krönig: I have been working in the company since October 2013, but I had already had contact with the parent company, DAW SE, during my course of study. Due to my professional training and other positions in my career, I have been familiar with what is now DAW SE since 1980.

Question: What do you find motivating about your job here in the company or what do you see as a challenge?

Michael Krönig: That which particularly attracted me was the combination of paint and plastic. And the innovative spirit at the Nerchau location. This is because, apart from my commercial training in the field of paints, I had already had ten years of professional experience in the production of plastic parts and in the sale of plastic granulates. So my knowledge and abilities corresponded precisely to the job description.

Question: And what so far have you been able to achieve?

Michael Krönig: I think we have been able to obtain a huge amount of market knowledge in the range of possible applications for our NEFA® MB in the market segment for thermoplastic synthetic materials. We have also opened up additional sales markets and started up many exciting customer projects.

Question: What do you like about Caparol Industrial Solutions as an employer?

Michael Krönig: The historically founded specialist knowledge in the field of colour preparation with impressive innovative capability, paired with the will to redefine a project and to support and expand personnel and technical expertise. And our product management also allows time for us – in our customers' interests – to attain the optimum product maturity. The objective is not to maximise short-term profit, but instead to have the patience to let the product really grow.